More than 25 years of experience in web development

Most people are familiar with the expression“Everything was better before“, which may be used by many people both in good times and bad. At Webtron, we prefer to say“Everything was simpler before“, at least when it comes to website production. Well, this is probably an oversimplification (and maybe a change?) of the truth, but when you’ve been involved in development and design since the early 2000s, it’s easy to come to that conclusion.

Because in the 25 years we’ve been doing web development and web design, things have definitely changed. We’ve been there every step of the way, from when websites were produced in Microsoft Frontpage and had guestbooks on their private websites, to the arrival of the first smartphones that changed the way websites were developed forever, to where we are today, where websites (and online stores, not least) have to work on a whole host of different devices.

And with that comes our little point that at least something was simpler before, when websites were initially designed for a simple resolution of 1024×768 pixels or lower. Don’t get us wrong – we obviously don’t want to go back to those days, and today we have far better and more powerful tools to produce websites that actually work across all devices. Mobile phones, tablets, computers and more. What’s next, holographic websites through smart glasses?

Whatever comes next, you can be sure that you as a customer will benefit from our experience. We love to acquire new knowledge, while our long experience in the industry makes us a safe choice when looking for a new website provider.

We would love to hear from you, whether you have a request for a new website, need help and operation of an existing website, or perhaps you would like to work with us.

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Some of our customers:

  • NTNU
  • Norwegian Biathlon Federation
  • Graminor
  • Central Norway Health Authority
  • Ahlsell
  • Happiness at home
  • Folkets Hus
  • Borg Forvaltning
  • Norion
  • Intact