We create unique websites, online stores and web solutions for your business

Modern and responsive websites have never been more important. If your website is not sufficiently mobile-friendly, it may even be “penalized” by Google by being sent further down the search results. At the same time, we also dare to say that websites are one of the most important – if not the most important – marketing channel for most companies.

And in a digital world where developments are happening at a frightening pace, it can be difficult to keep up to date with web development and what’s happening there.

This is where Webtron comes in. We will be your web developer and work closely with your company to ensure that you have modern and up-to-date websites. Without you having to think too much about it. Leave that part to us!

Web design and logo

We design the websites ourselves, and are happy to use existing profile templates if available. If you don’t have a profile template, we can help you with this. We also create logos and graphic material. All our designs are developed in consultation with the customer, and we do not use templates in our work.

SEO and marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you become visible in Google and other search engines. Combined with marketing (ads and social media), your business will be visible online. When you buy new websites from us, we can also offer these services.

Domain and web hosting

You don’t have to worry about web servers, domain names or web hosting. We buy domains on your behalf and have full control over servers, updates, backups and so on. You pay a fixed monthly price and can rest assured that we handle all the technical aspects.

Web development and modules

Do you need a booking system? What about an intranet? Or maybe a solution for text messaging? We’ll fix that. Webtron both develops its own modules and buys ready-made solutions/integrations, so there is hardly a need we can’t solve.

With us, no customer is too small and (almost) no customer is too big. We develop simple websites where subpages such as “About us” and a contact form are the most complex, but we also have advanced integration solutions with various APIs. In other words, we have experience in both small and large-scale projects, and can help you whether you need a simple website as a company presentation, or a complete portal with intranet, online store or whatever you need.

Below is a small selection of our latest references.

Norwegian Biathlon Federation

In 2021, we produced a brand new website for the Norwegian Biathlon Federation on Skiskyting.no. We are responsible for both the design and development of the solution, which is a particularly comprehensive portal.

Norwegian Fishermen’s Association

In the spring of 2023, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association finally published its new website. We have developed the new website for “Fiskarlaget”, which includes integration with their member register.


The fast-growing consultancy Proactima got a new website at the start of 2024. Webtron is responsible for the development of the portal, which is multilingual and has a comprehensive editing tool for the customer.


We have designed and developed a complex online store solution for Tshirt.no. This includes a design module for products, as well as a merchandise system where customers can create their own stores.